Excellent and Informative Ways to Safely Mix Bitcoins

The cryptocurrency topic is diverse and many people take time to fully understand it. For those who are into the use of common cryptos such as Bitcoin, Lite Coin, and Ethereum, they already know most of the benefits, risks, and precautions to take.

But let us talk about Bitcoins for now. The transactions are recorded on a public ledger in the blockchain that can be accessed by authorities and people who want to see your transaction trails for some reason. Although Bitcoin assures its users that it is anonymous, many people now believe that they are a bit exposed.

However, there is an innovative solution for this called Bitcoin mixing, laundering, or tumbling. It is all about creating a broken channel between the sender and recipient of BTC to avoid trailing any part of the transaction. Let us explore some of the best ways to achieve this.

Make a Disposable Email Account and Temporary Wallet

This is the quickest way to make yourself anonymous when sending or receiving BTC. With a DEA that does not show your name or details anywhere, you can rest assured that you will be safe. This is linked to a temporary digital wallet that will be used for this purpose only. When complete, send BTC from your original wallet to that and then send them to the intended recipient.

Likewise, it can receive the digital coins and them you will send them to your wallet. When all is complete, close and delete both the DEA and temporary BTC wallet. However, these sensitive steps have additional recommended steps to avoid linking them to your original wallet or that of the recipient. Consult with experts from NakitCoins, a website that helps people to invest in crypto, about this matter. Other qualified experts will also be of help.

Using Bitcoin Mixing Services

When you want more professional Bitcoin mixing services, it is better to use a third-party service with the right skills. They have the right tools and instructions to break the channel between your wallet and the recipient. Each third-party Bitcoin tumbling service has a different procedure and you will be required to follow it for success.

Although third-party BTC mixers are the best to use, it is recommended to take precautions when dealing with new service providers. Some might be fraudsters ready to steal your cryptocurrency. If you are not sure about their services and reputation, it is better to look elsewhere, especially if you intend to mix a lot of digital coins.

Other Ways to Stay Anonymous

Having many wallets is considered as a great way to lay low. If you check tutorials on BTC tumbling, you will be surprised to learn that some experts even mix using about five wallets before they send it to the final one. However, these wallets should follow safe methods of Bitcoin tumbling to increase the anonymity. Otherwise, each can be trailed to lead back to your original wallet.

Another preferred way to remain anonymous is by deleting history and other notes that you might have kept during the tumbling process. Some people even disable JavaScript on their machines and browsers to avoid keeping traces. Above all, using a secure machine or device that is protected from access by malicious people is very essential. That said, you need to have a strong internet security anti-virus installed in your computer.

Final Thought

It is recommended that you follow some if not all of the above tips to succeed in BTC mixing. The result includes discreet transactions, the security of your virtual money, and staying away from trailing authorities. Many people have managed to stay anonymous and keep hackers at bay. It is highly recommended that you buy, sell or use Bitcoins on safe platforms at all times to protect your investments.


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