Does Your Detroit Technology Partner Offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee?  

It never fails: you’re working with a high-profile client and your computer suddenly grinds to a halt. Or perhaps your office is suddenly flooded with calls from customers who are unable to access their profile information through your website. These are serious issues, and it can be a serious productivity drain if your team is forced to wade through a strenuous process to get support. Your ability to provide proactive and exceptional service to your customers is a hallmark of your business — and your Detroit IT consulting partner should be providing you with the timely and accurate support that your business deserves.

Minimizing IT-Related Downtime

The cost of downtime is astronomical and continuing to rise over time, which makes it particularly frustrating when you know that the downtime could have been avoided. According to a recent Avaya study, the cost of downtime for businesses could exceed $140,000 per hour and can rise as high as $540,000 per hour, depending on the size of your business and the scope of the outage. Gartner analysts generally site an average cost of downtime at $5,600 per minute — a staggering amount for any business to handle, and a “hidden expense” that may not surface until you do an in-depth review of staff productivity. Minimizing these unexpected outages starts with having a trusted and available IT services support partner who is able to solve problems quickly and efficiently the first time. Even a small interruption of 15 minutes to an hour can really add up if there are multiple staff members involved in attempting resolution.

Proactive Technology Reviews Offer Opportunities for Optimization

The selling cycle for many IT services providers starts with an exceptional team of professionals who work hard to earn your business. Once the contract is signed, it’s not unusual for this team of superstars to move on to the next client, while businesses find themselves locked into a long-term contract with no easy way out once service degrades. Conversely, a true technology partner provides you with this same level of service over the life of your time together — with or without a long-term contract. Providing the same level of consistent, caring and insightful service begins with a full understanding of the needs of your business, which is best accomplished through a thorough review of your current processes and technology and by co-developing a solid roadmap for the future. You need to know that your IT services company is invested in the success of your business and wants to support your growth and dreams for the future.

Why Your IT Services Provider Should Offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The infrastructure of your business is arguably one of your largest investments and the one that can either pay off dramatically with a solid base for business growth — or end up being a serious drain against future revenue. There are challenges in any business relationship, but a 90-day money-back guarantee provides you an added peace of mind knowing that if the relationship between a business and services provider does go wrong, there is a recourse for moving forward productively and without a great deal of loss.

Your business shouldn’t have to wait for a technology services provider to respond when you have a problem. That’s why Vision Computer Solutions offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and why we are the top-rated IT services provider in Detroit. At Vision Computer Solutions, our front-line Help Desk professionals are highly trained in providing the proactive support that your business deserves — without the frustration of a time-consuming escalation process. We offer these strong guarantees because we employ IT services experts who care about supporting your business, and we foster a community environment to ensure that these highly-engaged individuals attain longevity with our business. Contact the technical professionals at Vision Computer Solutions today at 248-215-2431 or via email to info@vcsolutions.com to schedule your free initial technology review and consultation.


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