Different Ways To Improve Your Memory Before Your Exam!

A lot of times, you force yourself to memorize something important before your exam and you tend to forget it when you look at the exam sheet. This happens because of all the stress you take for the exam that at the end, you tend to forget stuff. In this article, you will get to know about different ways to improve your memory before your exam so that the next time, you remember everything and score an A! let’s get you started.


Research has proved that if you walk for about twenty minutes before your exam, it will improve your memory and overall performance as well. Exercises also boosts your brain power, hence, giving you the ability to become a PHD professor when your exam arrives!


What you usually do is read and think that whatever you read just now, you have memorized it. No! That’s not the case. Although this might make you look a bit crazy in front of other people but do give it a try. Instead of reading, say it out loud. You will be surprised that how much you can remember by just saying the words out loud. Do try it!


Don’t be hard on yourself when you are preparing for an exam. Make sure that you place rewards. Like if you memorize the first two pages in 10 minutes, you will give yourself a chocolate or a gummy bear candy. This will help you learn and memorize the syllabus more quickly and effectively!


The best way to take your own test is to teach what you just memorized to someone else. If you do so, you will get to know where you stand in terms of your preparation. Can’t find real people? Make a class of little teddy bears and act as if you are their teacher and you have to teach them what you just memorized. This will definitely increase your memory power!


Best and effective way to memorize something forever is to make a diagram of it. Visual information is easy to memorize rather than words so make sure that you draw a diagram or maybe a flowchart that will help you in memorizing your syllabus!

Social media:

Social media can be a huge distraction when you are trying to study or memorize something. In order to finish this distraction, make sure that you either delete the applications from your mobile phone, or download a self-control application which will block these sites for a few days, until you are done with your exams.


If you are facing difficulty in memorizing words, you can watch a video or a documentary about that topic. It will help you in memorizing the syllabus faster. You will be able to see the documentary and write it in your own words in your exam. Effective, isn’t it?


Flash cards:

Obviously, at some point when the syllabus gets bigger and bigger, you tend to forget some things. in order to keep them in your mind, make flash cards which are going to help you in memorizing anything at any time if you forget something.

These are different ways you can use to improve your memory. If you are interested in buying Powerball lottery ticket, then check 파워볼사이트 out!


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