Different ways through which universities can market and connect to students using Facebook

It is the age of social media, Facebook, Instagram and  Twitter being the top social media platforms have changed many aspects of our lives. From advertising, running and business to sharing news, researches etc. The social media platforms have intervened in almost everything. If you are into cooking, you will find some amazing channels or pages in these social media platforms. You can find proper tutorials in the form of pictures, text and videos.

If you are student, then you may know that how much Facebook changed a student’s life. Separate groups are creating specifically for a class so that everyone can share the vital information regarding the class. It is very helpful as it eases the pain of finding the news about the classes. A single message to the whole group makes it that easy. So, universities have been into the social media platforms especially Facebook. You will find almost every university in the world has a Facebook page from which it shares their information regarding the university.

There are some other major things that universities can connect with the students in a better way through Facebook. First thing that universities should do is to upload important content on their Facebook page. The content can include major updates you want to make regarding the universities, important articles that can be useful to any department of the university and some research topics that shows how much universities are into research and analysis. Universities can even share their milestones on their Facebook.

Second most important thing that universities can do on their Facebook is by gathering feedback from the past students. This will help them market their university in a more effective way. New students who are looking for universities can check up the feedback which will clarify them about the decision they want to make. Third thing is the universities can use latest technology to provide a virtual tour to the international students who cannot be physically present to check out the campus. So, a virtual tour can give a great idea about what the campus looks like. You can also create live videos too which is simpler, all you need is a smart-phone and through your Facebook account you can create a live video as a tour of the campus. Fourth way is to stay in contact with your students through messenger too, if there are some personal messages you want to convey to an individual you can contact them through messenger.

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Fifth and sixth way is to create attractive posts regarding the upcoming students and Instagram followers to sort of welcome them and try to share the students’ projects on your university page to get them more recognition through your audience which can be get from instaboostgram. Seventh and eighth way is to organize, promote events and through Facebook university can give career advice to the students. Last two ways to connect with your students is the unit can create separate pages for major events and a page dedicated to the history of the university.


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