Common Problems of Moving to Another Country

Moving to a new country is an exciting venture to plan but can be a bit more complicated to execute and settle into. From sifting through information pertaining to international moving companies to hire, purchasing plane tickets, setting up your new apartment, and settling into a new job, making international moving is a very involved process. While making a new home in a foreign area is thrilling and new, common problems will inevitably arise.

Here are some of the most common issues that come with moving to another country.



A bump in the road will be the moving process for all travellers moving to a new country. Moving is already a hardship for many people and a major inconvenience as you try to balance work and social obligations, but moving becomes even more complicated when your new home is in a completely different country. Trusting your most precious belongings in the hands of international moving companies can be anxiety-inducing, and hiring the wrong company could be one of the first problems you’ll endure when moving. Having to set up your new home after a long flight will also feel like another inconvenience that will happen when moving internationally.


Learning a new language

If you move to a new country that primarily uses a language that is entirely foreign to you, it is necessary to adapt by adopting this language. Learning a new language is always tricky, but will enable you to communicate with locals and will make you feel more comfortable as you settle in. Learning a new language is never simple, and it may not be as refined as your native language, but it is certainly worth knowing to try to get over the language barrier.

Many resources are available for learning new languages, such as language books to help guide you and apps that can be downloaded on any smartphone that will teach you the basics of a foreign language. If you’re not good with words, start by trying to memorize a few simple phrases. Be consistent and proactive about learning the language. Even if you’re moving to the same continent, you’ll need to learn the language before you can communicate with people. If you’re nervous about learning the language, find a local community of other newly arrived foreigners that can assist you. Immerse yourself in the language by listening to music, watching films and shows in the language, and visiting local attractions.


Cultural differences

Culture shock is widespread when moving to another country, and it tends to come in waves. It impacts each person differently, depending on the country they have moved to and where they come from. Cultural differences can become explicit when moving overseas, and you may find yourself gazing at how the locals dress, the food that is commonly made, the new climate you’ll have to adapt to, in addition to a language barrier you will encounter. Cultural customs can also be difficult to adjust to, but are apart of the process of learning and adapting when you live in a new country. What may not seem offensive in your native country may be impolite in other countries. Further, learning these differences early on will help you navigate the initial culture shock and allow you to understand and respect the customs that will be foreign to you at first.


Housing and finances

Curating your home away from home can seem even more difficult when you begin to factor in your finances when arriving. Rent in the new country you are moving to might be a little higher than you’re accustomed to, and budgeting will be necessary for any situation. Before you move, be sure to plan ahead by researching the housing market, the difference in taxes and foreign exchange rates, and the price of everyday items like food and clothes that will surely differ when living abroad.


Living away from loved ones

One of the most common problems of moving to another country is the lack of contact with family and friends. Not being able to see your family and friends can be very frustrating, but it’s important to stay in touch with your loved ones as much as possible to offset any loneliness that you may feel when arriving in a new country. Between the time difference, your job, and diving into a new social scene, it can be hard for you and your loved ones to adjust to this new life. If you don’t tend to these imperative relationships from your home country, a strain on your established relationships will occur. While making new friends and creating new ties is a necessity when moving to a new country, so is trying your best to maintain your relationships from home.


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