How To Choose a Fishing Kayak?

The season of kayak fishing is upon us. Kayak fishing has recently become extremely popular. More and more people have started to take an interest in kayak fishing. However, if you want to take part in the kayak fishing season, you will inevitably have to make the difficult decision of choosing a fishing kayak. Don’t make the mistake of only looking at the price tag because low price might mean low quality. You need to know how to choose a fishing kayak in order to choose the right one. Lucky for you because this post will help you with just that.

Consider the Kayak Type

A good kayak costs less than a powerboat. But, advanced models can easily cost you up to $3000. Fishing kayaks are available in two types. Sit inside and sit on top are two basic types of kayaks. Sit inside kayaks are not a great idea because water will stay inside unless it is emptied. If flipped, they are difficult to recover, and the cargo space offered is also limited. A sit on top kayak on the other hand is just what you need as water from waves would easily drain out of the scupper holes. Moreover, their open design allows easy access for cargo.

Consider the Body Type

Next, consider the body type of the fishing kayak. Always check the legroom to ensure if the seat can be adjusted allow for paddling. Find out if the kayak is comfortable or not since you will be sitting in the kayak for hours. The seat has to be elevated to keep the bottom dry.

Consider the Stability

Stability is vital, unless you like to swim. When kayaking, you will need to twist and turn as you go. Therefore, the kayak should not be tippy. If you want to remain standing while fishing, do not choose a V-shaped hull as it would easily tip. A flat or tunnel bottom hull is what you need. Do not choose a short kayak as it would be easily tossed around by the waves. Keep in mind that longer boats cut through water more smoothly.

Consider Transportability

Fishing kayaks offer many features. There are some that are heavier than others. Consider how you will move the kayak if you buy it. Would you need to sit on top of the roof of the car? Or would need to carry it in a truck? Transportability has to be considered as there is no point of buying a fishing kayak that you cannot take along with you. Inflatable kayaks can be an interesting option, as inflatable kayaks are less expensive tha, rigid or wooden one, and they are more easily transportable.

Start Out With a Used Kayak

If it is your first kayak, then it might be a good idea to consider getting a used kayak. Check out 2 seat fishing kayak reviews to get an idea of which kayak to buy. Then, head over to Craigslist or any other online website to search for the type of used kayak you want. Go through many reviews before deciding on the one you like.


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