Car Hire at Tenerife South Airport

When one has plans of vacationing in Tenerife, Spain’s Granadilla de Abona, hiring a car rental at Tenerife South Airport (TFS) can improve your vacation by making it hassle-free and more comfortable. There are numerous rental companies that have built their reputation across the globe for a great customer service with a diverse range of high standard cars for rent. You may now take advantage of various discounts while booking the cars online from a spectrum of convertibles, sedans sports cars etc. All their cars are available with an unlimited mileage. So pick up your desired vehicle from the car hire at Tenerife South Airport and enjoy a drive and fly vacation according to your pace!


All about the Tenerife South Airport

Formerly known as the Tenerife South-Reina Sofia Airport, the Tenerife South Airport is among the busier of the two international airports situated in the Canary Islands, in the Granadilla de Abona province of Tenerife. In 2012, there were more passengers that 8.5 million who had passed through the airport flying from destinations all around the Europe and various regions of Russia. What makes it more attractive for the travellers is that when they rent cars or buy them for cheap from sellers like Autoverkauf, they can easy make use of the various deals and discounts to enjoy the ultimate freedom in exploring the volcano, beaches and appealing towns of the area at leisure.


Which Places to Explore with a Car Rental?

With a car rental at Tenerife South Airport, you can easily set up a site in Granadilla de Abona and then further discover the island of Tenerife. There is a highway that connects the metropolis to the various other regions of Tenerife. Furthermore, there is the desert-like beachside town of El Medano nearby, where the biggest highlights are the great windsurfing competitions. You must drive down to Los Abrigos which is another small fishing village and trace the Los Roques Restaurante which is reputed to be among the top 10 restaurants currently present in Spain. You might even need a private car so as to drive right up to the astronomical observatory and defunct crater situated on Mount Guajara which is known as the second highest peak on the said island. By hiring a car at Tenerife South Airport, you can now discover the above mentioned and so many more such stunning off the beaten paths.



To wrap it all up, with all the above mentioned benefits of hiring a car at the Tenerife South Airport, you must however also be sure to specify whether you wish to take the extra drivers for your comfort while traveling, whether you require a child seat, a GPS tracker, an LDW for an easy road trip or any other need you might want to be met with while signing the rental deal. Furthermore, for any more queries, you can simply find the FAQ autospain.co.uk and their answers on the various forums and websites online to get all the booking details you need.


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