Camping Activities When It’s Raining

Rain does not have to hamper your camping experience. It is an everyday thing for outdoor enthusiasts. No matter which time of the year you go camping, chances are that you will experience some rainfall. So, it might be in your best interest to make the most of it. At the end of the day, rain can be a great opportunity to try out the following camping activities.

  1. Tell Stories

It is a camping tradition to tell stories. The spookier the stories, the more fun you will have. If you are a great storyteller, then, it rain is the perfect time to grab some blankets and tell an interesting story. Keep the camping tradition alive when it rains. Let everyone give storytelling a try to have an incredible experience.

  1. Play Cards

Nothing is more fun than playing card games. When it rains, you should take out your favorite card games and play with your friends and family members. This is why you have to bring card games along on your camping trip. You can spice things up by making bets when playing cards. A great thing about card games is that they are for all ages. Besides, a deck of cards is lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go.

  1. Fishing

Another great camping activity that will keep you busy is fishing. It is one of the most popular activities when camping. Not many people know that rain is the perfect time to go fishing as the rain washes bugs and delicious insects to fishes who are looking to find an easy meal. The fishing community is aware of just how effective fishing during rain is and it is due to this reason that you should beat the rain by going fishing in the lake during your camping trip.

  1. Meditate

Soak in the beautiful sounds of nature by meditating. Allow your mind to drift away into a world of peace. The sound of rain has a soothing effect on your mind. Listening to birds chirping while it rains creates the perfect natural sounds to relax. There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of rain. It is a great time to meditate.

  1. Reading

When it rains, you get to relax inside the tent. It is a great time to read. The rain helps ease your mind and allows you to truly enjoy a good book. Crack open a book and transport yourself to a different place. However, read something recreational that plants a smile over your face and escape into a world of fantasy. You can also use a Kindle to catch up on your reading list as it is a better option than carrying hard covers.


From telling stories to reading, the camping activities mentioned in this post will help keep you entertained as it rains. Make sure that you try out each of the camping activities to determine which you find the most interesting. Do not let rain stop you from having fun.


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