Budget Tablets or Android Tablets

Ever since the first tablet had been released, tablets have become extremely popular. Just about everyone has a tablet. Tablets offer a bigger screen, perform faster and offer many cool features which smartphones lack. After all, tablets are a great alternative to the monotony that is smartphones and laptops. Take your experience further with a budget tablet or an android tablet. This post looks at budget tablets and android tablets in general. If you are on a tight budget, then you should also check out the ultimate review of the best tablets under $100.


Amazon Fire HD 8

Known for its low price and high performance, the Amazon Fire HD 8 brings a lot to the table. It has a unique design which makes it easy to hold for a long period of time and it can be grabbed easily. It comes with many features. It is 8 inches wide and the hardware is extremely powerful.


Lenovo Tab 4

Offering a whooping 10 inch screen, the Lenovo Tab 4 is just what binge watchers need. Whether you want to binge watch the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina or the latest Pakistani flick, the Lenovo Tab 4 offers it all. However, the android tablet comes at a higher price. But, it is worth it if you are looking for a powerful tab which you can use for work and play. The 64-bit Quad core snapdragon provides an amazing performance. It has a 2GB RAM to ensure fast speeds. It is the ultimate gift for your child.


Asus Zen Pad Z8s

With its stylish and small design, the Asus Zen Pad Z8s is cheap and a great alternative to the expensive iPad Mini 4. Take advantage of this budget tablet to do your work. It is convenient and runs on the latest Android operating system. With regular updates, it is an obvious choice.


Amazon Fire 7

If you are looking for an extremely affordable tablet which costs under $100, then the Amazon Fire 7 is just what you need. It is the entry-level tablet offered by Amazon that has modest updates, an extra hour of battery life, a thinner design and an enhanced screen contrast. It offers a 1280 x 800 HD display and comes with a 2MP rear facing camera for shooting 720 p videos and capturing photos. The 1.3 GHZ processor will most definitely make your jaw drop for its low price.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Samsung is a name that needs no introduction. It has taken the android tablet world by a storm. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is just what everyone needs. Besides, it comes for less than a hundred bucks. The 7 inch multi-touch screen display is a true beauty and it offers users with a 1280 x 800 p resolution. Binge watching just got so much more fun with this masterpiece. It has dual cameras for capturing videos and photos. Additionally, users can also listen to their favorite FM stations with the preloaded radio app on the go.



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