All You Need To Know About SEG DISPLAYS 

What are SEG Displays? 

Silicone Edge Graphic displays, or SEG displays as we commonly know them today, are textiles which have a strip of silicone sewn into the edges of the graphic. Once it is sewn in, the silicone edging of the graphic is inserted into an ejected aluminum frame which creates a flawless, smooth and seamless fabric graphic.

Nowadays, what started with the creation of aluminum frame has evolved with the use of wood, steel and acrylic. SEG fabric frames are an evolving category of displays, constantly improving. These prints are displayed on walls, hang from ceilings or are made for freestanding.


Types of SEG Displays: 

SEG Displays and Fabric Frames come in a wide range. Some of the most common types are;

  1. The single-sided models in various shapes and dimensions and different depths.
  2. The double-sided frames that are commonly used for hanging or standing displays which can be viewed and admired from different directions.
  3. Illuminated and brightly lit up displays in the above two mentioned models that make colossal impact frames for wall mounting, floor standing and hanging applications.
  4. Non-lit SEG frames and displays are the most economical ones. These can be created without light, and are the thinnest. They are very easy on the budget and also very easy to make use of.
  5. Edge-lit SEG frames and displays are those which come with an internal power supply and a large range of external accessories. These can be of any size, once cut down.
  6. Direct- backlit SEG displays are the superior option in frames. They have a narrow profile with lights mounted on the whole of the back panel, which creates an illuminated, bright and compelling presence for your graphics.


What’s special about SEG displays? 

SEG displays and fabric frames have changed the market with their arrival. Some of their specialties include:

  • Versatility
    SEG frames can be used on many aluminum extrusion profiles, such as the ClassicMODUL TSP profiles.
  • Lack of sewing line
    In SEG displays and fabrics, the sewing line is hidden and cannot be seen which provides a neat, clean and finished look to your product.
  • Less frame
    SEG displays and frames are the remarkable decision when more graphic and lesser frame is required.
  • Lack of exertion
    These frames and displays are considerably lightweight and are very easy to install and breakdown for trade shows and other events, which keeps you from tiring.
  • Can be travelled with
    The fact that SEG displays are so easy to travel with gives you all the more reason to invest in them.



Benefits of working with SEG Displays: 

When working in a competitive market that so heavily relies on quality, resolution, and remarkable graphics, you have to make sure that your product stands out the most amongst all.

Choosing SEG graphics provides you with high-quality material, a smooth, sleek, border and edgeless display that is also wrinkle-free and can be seen from all angles. You are given photo-quality imagery when printing with dye-sublimation printing. “Dye-sub” gives your product a finished and vibrant look that leaves viewers wanting to see more.

This fabric can be folded; hence it is easy to transfer from one place to another. It also comes with absolutely no glare, which adds a finished look. These fabrics can be washed and steamed and are easy to take care of.


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