A step-by-step guide to becoming a professional gambler 

In today’s world, becoming a professional gambler is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires certain skill sets, planning, training and a lot of research. 

Gambling has evolved as a sport and is not just limited to the casinos. In recent years, online gambling has become a trendy affair. Gambling at a casino is very different from gambling online, so a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. 


Whether you are planning to gamble to make your bucks independently or hoping to be a poker star that enters tournaments at a global level, you need to train yourself to be able to win. 

A professional gambler should possess a lot of unique qualities. Some of them include: taking calculated risks, being patient, being exceptional at math, being able to assess situations and body language, having a good ‘poker face’ that everyone talks about, and so on. 

In terms of replacing your job with gambling in an independent manner, this process involves a lot of risks. If you plan to gamble for your livelihood, you need to follow a process that leads you to a secure path. A professional gambler should also have a favorite game that they are exceptionally good at. 

If you are planning on taking up gambling as an alternative to another career, or you are considering it as a career option first up, below is a step-by-step guide to becoming a professional gambler. 


  1. Practice Makes Perfect 

Like any other job or sport, evolving as a professional gambler too requires a lot of practice. Play as many games as possible so that you can start understanding your flaws, and work on them. 

Along with your flaws, you have to take note of your strong suits. You need to develop a game of your own, and a style of your own. It doesn’t need to be drastic, but minor differences in style can confuse your opponents. 

If you are not well-versed with all types of games, then a great way to start is by practicing online. According to OnlineCasinoGems, there are a lot of free games available online that help you enhance your skills, which is a great way to not lose money while you are practicing. 

Get a hang of every risk you would take while playing professionally instead of diving right into it. Before playing in an online casino, do take a look at the legalities of the country or state you reside in.  


  1. Find your Forté

Just like in any job or business you need to find a niche, in gambling too you need to know what you are good at. After enough practice, you will be able to assess what your top-game is. 

If you try your hand at everything after becoming a professional gambler, your probability of losing is higher. Instead of putting all your time and energy into getting better at 20 games, pick a couple of favorites and work hard at those. 

As most people would say, you should rather be a master of one or two than a jack of all. This will increase your winnings over time, and also help you gain recognition if you are playing at a competitive level. 


  1. Establish your Gameplay

Once you have found your niche and narrowed down to the two or three games you are going to focus on, it is time to strategize. 

Some games involve prediction and some involve deception. You need to become good at both skills to be a successful professional gambler. 

Revise the games you play so that you can come up with strategies to deal with various scenarios. This will also help you strategize how to create scenarios for opponents during a game. 

A good strategy is half the battle won. Remember, with gambling, it is wise to know when to fold, and when to cash out. Decision-making skills have to be a part of your gameplay. 


  1. Collect Data on your Performance

Make it a habit to make a note of all bets you place and the result you get. Of course, also record the eventual outcome of every game you play. 

This will help you carefully assess your performances, and improve as a player. It is very important to not let loose. Recording your performances will lead you to become a successful professional gambler. 

Collect information on your stakes, odds, and all possible data points depending on the game you are playing. This will also help you calculate your wins from time to time. 

An added benefit of recording your overall wins and losses is that it allows you to file your taxes responsibly.


  1. Set Goals to Measure Wins and Losses

For every game, you play, set a winning goal. This is the point at which you cash out. Setting win goals will help you discipline yourself as a professional gambler. 

Subsequently, set a dollar amount for when you lose. Meaning, if you lose a certain amount of money, you already know you have reached your loss limit and its time to walk away. This will help you limit your losses. 

A combination of win goals and loss limits, when followed consistently, will allow you to have a steady and profitable business as a gambler. 

Discipline is a top-skill for a professional gambler. Do not get greedy when you are winning decent amounts, and absolutely do not continue testing your luck on a game that’s going south for you. 


  1. Budgeting and Accounting 

Similar to any other trade, budgeting and accounting play a crucial part in becoming a professional gambler. 

Create a separate bank account for your gambling activity. This will help you clearly monitor your investment and profit. 

Set a monthly investment budget for your gambling activities. No matter how many types of games you play never surpass this budget. If you want to be diligent, manage an excel sheet of the different types of games you play every month and allocate a budget to each one. Allocate a higher amount to games that you would define as your forte.  

As the online casino market continues to grow due to the high demand from players, there is a lot of potential in making a career out of gambling from the comfort of your home. 

Overall, becoming a successful professional gambler requires the same amount of professionalism as any other trade. Follow the step-by-step guide above to start your journey as a professional gambler. 

Do note that gambling as an activity can cause addiction problems, so make sure to be stable and disciplined in your approach towards this career choice. 


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