7 Flowers Perfect for Weddings

Weddings are happy occasions and something which initiates a new chapter in life. Associating it with flowers has become a regular thing now because in happy occasions, flowers always add more to the happiness.

Here are some top varieties of wedding flowers which one can add to the wedding bouquet or even as a decoration in the wedding venue.



This is a staple when it comes to any kind of romantic occasion and thus this one is a very popular wedding flower as well. It looks gorgeous and they are available in a variety of colours. Rose can also pair well with a lot of other flowers and together they can make a proper wedding bouquet. They are also perfect for corsages and venue flower arrangements. It symbolises love and wedding is nothing but all about love.


This is not a very tiny flower and this along with the stems can form a proper wedding bouquet. There are several shades of this available and the florist can use different shades to create a variety of textures in the bouquet. They are also very good and fit perfectly in case of a tall centre piece and they look really elegant as an arrangement.


This is not only a destination wedding staple but orchids can represent both beauty and charm at the same time. They are a kind of delicate flowers that are available in a lot of varieties like shades if whites, greens and purples. They are mostly used in weddings and they can be suited in both modern and traditional themes of wedding. They are very gorgeous and can be perfect for venue arrangements.


This flower symbolises happiness and so it is more than perfect for a wedding ceremony. They have a lot of fluffy and soft petals and they can fill a wedding bouquet perfectly. They have a pale palette and peonies can be perfect options in wedding arrangements when one wants some light decors. But they have a string smell and so one should be aware of it.


Anemone has a dark centre but the petals are softly coloured. White and blush anemones are considered to be the best as wedding flowers and decorations. They have a unique shape and that adds to the striking quality of the flower. They can go best with peonies and ranunculus when it comes to wedding bouquets.


They are available in a lot of colours and as they are sturdy in nature, they can be good for decors like creating a wedding drop background or some flower balls. Carnations do have a ruffled texture and so it can be like a vintage wedding showpiece. If one has chosen roses for their wedding decorations, then adding some carnations to it can break the monotony of it and will also look nice.


They are available in a lot of varieties and colours and simple daisies look really beautiful in a wedding bouquet.

These are the popular flowers that one can use for wedding purposes.


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