6 Tips to Find the Right Cheap VPS in India

India is home to a huge variety of VPS hosting solutions. Although this is a good thing, it can be tough finding a service that both meets your requirements and is cheap. Besides, when you choose a VPS hosting service, you can easily let others drag you down the rabbit hole. However, there is nothing to worry about as this post will help you find a Cheap VPS India solution in no time. The following tips will prove useful.

  1. Look beyond the Specs & Aim for High-Specs That Seamlessly Work Together

Although size is everything, it all comes down to what you can do with it. Robust specs are required by just about every excellent hosting solution. But, as there is a shift in architecture, you need to look beyond that. To find the right cheap VPS in India, you need to look for a solution that offers collective optimization. This is possible through high-specs seamlessly working together to provide you with the ultimate solution.

  1. RAM

To ensure that you can run multiple projects and websites, you must have the right RAM to keep things going. The VPS you choose needs to have at least 4 GB worth of RAM. If you are working on media-intensive projects, you would require even more RAM. You simply cannot afford to ignore RAM.

  1. CPU

When talking about RAM, CPU also needs to be considered. Look for a multi-core server that has 14nm architecture. It will optimize resource allocation by relying on multiple cores. Thus, you will benefit from seamless performance even at peak times. Not many people will tell you to look at the CPU, but it is an important factor that you have to look into.

  1. Storage

When you opt for traditional hard disk space, you will always receive cheaper and larger storage space. To ensure optimization, VPS hosting needs to have solid-state storage. You might be wondering why you would need that much storage. Think about the first time you tried using an SSD drive. You would remember its rapid transfers, slick performance, and instantaneous boots. SSDs simply offer greater speed and tend to be resilient even if there is a power failure. Therefore, they are the perfect fit when it comes to web hosting.

  1. Root Access

When looking for a VPS solution, you have to think about root access. It is simply non-negotiable. You must be able to implement scripts, full command controls or SSH, and automate without any restrictions. You also need a control panel that enhances server control.

  1. 24/7 Support

Finally, even if you are looking for a cheap VPS solution, you cannot compromise on 24/7 support. The service you choose must provide support 24/7. There is simply no alternative to this. Since customers expect the site to work at all hours, you need to have a real person whom you can contact whenever an emergency arises.


The abovementioned tips will help you find the right cheap VPS in India. Make sure to focus on each tip to ensure you get the best service.


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