5 Ways You can Make Cheap Tours Abroad Easily

Travelling doesn’t always have to be heavy on your pocket. With the right mindset and a suitable budget, you can go anywhere you want without going int debt. There are scholarships, exchange programs, volunteer programs around the globe with offer you funded opportunities; even though they may not be very luxurious, but you get to see your dream destination! You can look around for top sites for booking tours to get started. Here are some ways you can get to tour abroad in less money.


1. Become an Overseas English Teacher

One of the best ways to go for a cheap tour abroad is to opt for an English teaching job overseas. You can make a lot of money teaching English Language abroad, and these funds can help you cover the cost of living and exploring your favourite place. Examples of such places include Thailand, South Korea; and the salary doesn’t come in easy, it’s perfectly well suitable and offers competitive packages for the teachers. All you need is to clear a standard English test e.g. TOEFL, IELTS etc and you are good to teach English overseas!


2. Utilize the Sharing Economy

Making use of the sharing economy can give you access to a lot of cheap accommodation options, low-cost tour guides, ride-sharing options, homecooked meals etc. You can bypass the travel industry by sharing economy websites and explore with the locals about how to learn the art of tourism in less money. Locals always know where the best deals are; hence you can get to know the cheapest supermarket, the best sales etc.


3. Try Cooking Your Own Meals

Eating out everyday can cost you a lot more money than you can imagine. Especially when you are abroad, you are mostly living on a tight budget. When you are touring cheap, you are probably living in a hostel, guesthouse etc having your own kitchen. Try preparing your own meals a times. Pack a salad in your own container if you don’t have a kitchen; after all the purpose is to explore the destination, a little compromise will help you a long way.


4. Utilize all Student Offers and Discount Cards

If you are a teacher or a student; and are under the age of 26, you are lucky to get all the half-price discount offers that are available in most countries around the world. Make use of your student or teacher card and any discount vouchers you have, never hesitate to use them as they can save you big money especially when you are travelling.


5. Get the City Tourist Cards

When you travel abroad, you want to explore the city thoroughly and see a lot of sights around. Getting a city tourism card is excellent for this purpose as it grants you access to many sights and attractions, and even offers discounts on places along with free transportation. All these facilities can save you a lot of money. You can get these easily from the local tourism office.


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