5 Things to do in Cusco Peru

Cusco is a beautiful city in Peru that is surrounded by history and the beautiful Andes. Visiting Cusco can almost feel like going back in time when you visit some of the ancient ruins. However, Cusco is more than Machu Picchu. It is home to many indigenous people and locals from all walks of life that move to the city in search of a better life. This post looks at the 5 best things to do when in Cusco Peru.

  1. Stroll around Plaza de Armas

When visiting Cusco, going to the Plaza de Armas, is one of the things that one must do as it is the very hub of Cusco. It is located right at the very center of the historical town. Make sure to start the city tour from this place. The view of the surrounding building is what makes this a place to visit. A statue of Tupac Amaru would be found here. Some of the stone arcades that the Spanish had built around the Plaza de Armas can still be seen today.

  1. Visit the Cathedral of Santo Domingo Cusco

There are two major cathedrals that face the Plaza de Armas. The Cathedral of Santo Domingo is referred to as the Cathedral. It was the first cathedral in Cusco and its construction had started in 1560 right on the grounds of the Palace of the Viracocha Inca. The interiors are something to marvel. There you would find outstanding examples of colonial gold work.

  1. Find the Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus

Right next to the Cusco Catheral is a similar Christian colossus known as the Iglesia de la Compania Jesus. It is one of the most wonderful baroque-styled churches in all of the Americas. The cathedral actually has a spectacular history. It has been built to outdo the splendor of the Cathedral right next door. Make sure to check this beauty out.

  1. Head to the Qurikancha and the Convent of Santo Domingo

There is no possible way around mentioning Qurikancha if we are talking about the ecclesiastical highlights. It is known as the Convent of Santo Domingo today. It used to be once the place of the most important temple in the Inca Empire which was known as the House of the Sub. The walls used to be covered in solid gold and the courtyards featured heavy golden statues. The church on the other hand is a more recent addition and the foundations remain unchanged.

This Inca ruin is considered to be one of the most stunning of all the Inca ruins which is why it is a must place to visit in Cusco Peru. The precision of the columns is unparalleled.

  1. Hike Up to the Cristo Blanco

The Cristo Blanco is a white, tall statue of Christ that is easily accessed on foot from Saksaywaman. It can actually be seen from just about anywhere in the city and it is free to visit. Make sure to check it out.


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