5 Symptoms of Dehydration 


Dehydration is a critical condition, one which should not be taken too lightly. Our body needs water in order to function. Dehydration is caused by low water intake and high water loss. The symptoms can range from mild to severe. The elderly and the young are both easily susceptible to dehydration.

The body needs to be sufficiently hydrated in order for it to function. More than 50% of our body weight consists of water. Water is needed to replenish the body due to the following reasons.

  • After producing sweat for cooling down the body.
  • Due to breathing in humidified air which leads to water loss.
  • For eliminating waste in the body through bowel movement and urination.

Every person needs to drink plenty of water to counter water loss on a daily basis. The symptoms of dehydration will certainly increase your thirst and you will need to replenish your body in order for your body to counter dehydration. Here are some symptoms of dehydration and if you experience any of these, then you should drink chilled water immediately.

  1. Reduce and Darkening of Urine

This symptom is an early sign that indicates that one is experiencing dehydration. As the urine becomes more concentrated due to low water intake, it will darken and reduce in output. It is important for you to act as early on as possible.

  1. Dry Mouth

As the condition progresses, you will experience having a dry mouth. This means that you will feel confused and unable to talk a lot as your dry mouth will prevent you from doing so. You will also start to feel extremely thirsty by this time.

  1. Decreased Level of Perspiration

Water is vital for our body as it allows it to produce sweat which helps cool down the body. However, when you do not drink enough water, then the level of perspiration of your body will decrease. This is a warning sign that you need to drink water. Perspiration is vital for an energetic and healthy body. When we sweat, it brings down our body temperature. You would start to feel lightheadedness, muscle cramps and weakness when you stop sweating as much as you used to. Sweating is essential for our body, especially during the warm weather as it helps keep our body cool.

  1. Absence in Tear Production

This is a severe symptom because your eyes should have plenty of water for producing tear. If you can’t get tears in your eyes, then it means that you are dehydrated and need to action quickly.

  1. Coma

The more severe symptom is coma and even death. Dehydration is a serious issue and you should ensure that your body never reaches such a severe level of dehydration. When your body doesn’t have enough water to function, it will go into coma.

Solution: Half Gallon Water Bottle

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