5 Causes of Wrinkles under the Eyes

You may feel good and love your life until one day you look into the mirror and suddenly see some wrinkles under the eye. You really don’t have any idea from where they took place and right away get tensed figuring out the reasons. Luckily, making out the causes for such lines beneath the eyes can significantly help you delay further aging. So, get ready to find out the top 5 causes of under-eye wrinkles.

Cause#1: Sun Exposure

Studies have confirmed that sun exposure is the main reason for developing fine lines. Harsh sun rays harm the collagen fibers, which leads to a skin repair process that gives rise to messy collagen fibers known as “solar scars.” More to the point, as this defective skin repair process keeps on repeating itself, wrinkles take place. Here, it is not just the harmful effects of UV-rays, but squinting when out in the sun can also cause wrinkles. So, it is suggested to put on sunscreen and sunglasses to protect you from wrinkles due to sun damage.

Cause#2: Smoking

For sure, it is another big factor that contributes to fine lines under the eyes. In line with the health specialists, the presence of nicotine in cigarettes makes blood vessels to get thin that actually limits blood flow to the skin. And when the blood doesn’t flow properly, your skin fails to get the necessary amount of oxygen & nutrients to strengthen your skin and keep away wrinkles.

Cause#3: Lack of Sleep

When you don’t get suggested 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, it also causes fine lines under the eyes. When it comes to Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is considered liable for condensing our skin, it creates during our sleep. So, inadequate sleep means inadequate HGH that initiates advanced levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. And here higher levels of cortisol crash the bodily tissue, which can cause thinner skin that is more prone to fine lines.

Cause#4: Aging

Unwanted wrinkles start appearing as we age. Here, we can say, it is an important part of aging process. Yes, with the age our skin naturally turns out to be less flexible and more delicate. Reduced making of natural oils makes your skin drier and look more crumpled. And if we talk about the fat in deeper layers of our skin, it also begins to decrease that ultimately leads to slack, baggy skin and more-evident lines.

Cuase#5: Common Facial Expressions

There is no question in that those, who are very expressive, typically have the most lines on their face. Here, two common examples of these lines are smile wrinkle and angry wrinkle. So far as eye wrinkles are concerned, each and every facial expression that leads to puckered brow and narrowing the eyes can become main contributor to under-eye-wrinkles.

So, now you know the main causes of fine lines under the eyes which are for the most part unwanted and can be avoided. If you want to challenge aging and say no to wrinkles, then it is important to use sunscreen & sunglasses, stop smoking, and get enough sleep, of course.


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