5 Best Tools To View Instagram Profiles

Instagram is extremely addictive. With over 500 million users worldwide, Instagram has taken the title of being one of the most used social networking apps. Instagram allows you to share pictures and videos with your friends and followers. It lets you control who views your profile which includes the pictures, highlights, and stories. Instagram accounts are either public or private.

Public Instagram accounts can be easily accessed without having to be first approved by the person. However, if the profile is private, you will need permission to view their profile in the form of follow request being accepted. So, if you want to view Instagram profiles that are private, the 5 best tools mentioned in this post will help you out.

  1. InstaPrivateViewer

Known for being easy to use, InstaPrivateViewer allows you to view anyone’s profile. InstaPrivateViewer is a powerful tool that lets you know what your crush or ex is up to without them even knowing. It can get frustrating not knowing what that special someone is doing and InstaPrivateViewer is the best way to find out. The best part is that InstaPrivateViewer is completely free. There are only a few ads on the website to fund it. Otherwise, it offers you top-level service.

  1. Kids Guard Pro

Considered one of the best Instagram private profile viewer, Kids Guard Pro lets you view someone close on Instagram or just about anyone else. To use Kids Guard Pro, all you need to do is download the app on your device. It lets you access the person’s Instagram videos, photos and much more. The app also lets you view the person’s activities. Stay updated about what your crush is doing with Kids Guard Pro. It provides you with notifications whenever your crush uploads a new picture so that you can be the first one to view it.

  1. Private Insta

Private Insta is the ultimate tool for seeing private Instagram profiles. The app extracts the posts of private Instagram accounts for you. The only thing you need to is copy and paste the username of the person’s profile i.e. @username. Enter the username of your special someone and press the submit icon. It will search for the profile and extract all of the posts. It is quite similar to InstaPrivateViewer. Once the process is complete, you will be required to take a general survey and after you complete it, you will get to see all of the posts.

  1. Insta Looker

Insta Looker also only requires you to copy and paste the URL of the person you want to stalk. Simply press continue to proceed. Insta Looker allows you to view and download pictures and videos of the private account.

  1. Watch Insta

See pictures of the targeted Instagram profile on Watch Insta. It is a great Instagram profile viewer tool. Enter the username of profile and take a short survey to view the posts of your crush. You can also download their pictures and videos easily.



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