3 ways on how to heat up your home in 2019

Heating is expensive. Unfortunately, your home has to be warm when it gets colder during the winter. You can choose electrical heating, a radiator or heated towel rails. But first of all, you need an energy company that can provide you with heating. BestHeating is one of those companies and you can read reviews of BestHeating here. Besides finding a cheap and reliable energy company, there are some other things that you can do to keep your energy bill under control.


Turn Off Heating

No, we don’t mean that you should turn off your heating completely. What we want to say if that your heating does not have to be on when you’re not home. During the day, you’ll be at work, out with friends or going out for sports purposes. And even when you’re home a big part of the day, you’ll be actively doing something: household chores, cooking, rummaging through your stuff, etc. Moving around will keep you warm enough during the day, except for when you’re working on a computer for hours on end. But as long as you only sit down for short periods (less than an hour) your heating can be turned down. So turn down your heating when you don’t need it.


Smart Thermostat

Linking to the subject of turning down the heating is a smart thermostat. You don’t want to enter a cold house after work and wait for the heating to warm your house. But keeping the heating on is the other opposite. There is an in between that can be arranged via a smart thermostat. Such a thermostat will have a clock that enables you to set a timer. Let the thermostat turn on the heating half an hour before you expect to come home and your home will be nice and warm by the time that you get there. Most of these thermostats enable you to set a different timer for each day because not every day is the same. And sometimes you can turn on your heating via your app when you are almost home.


Wear Warm Clothes

People who wear warm clothes are warmer. It’s as simple as that. So or you wear a warm sweater or cardigan you can lower your heating a couple of degrees. A few degrees may not seem much, but if you calculate the difference over a year, you’ll notice that you have saved a lot of money just by wearing warm clothes.

Avoid Loss of WarmthThere are various ways in which you can avoid losing heat. Closing the doors in between rooms is one of the ways to do that. Double glass windows also keep the heat in your room. Those two things are the things that most people already think about when they want to keep your room warm. But also make sure that your house is isolated and no heat escapes via crannies.


So there are multiple ways in which you can save on your energy bill and using one or two of them already helps you stay warm. 



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