10 Services and Items that are Cheaper in Vietnam

Vietnam has progressed rapidly to and is still advancing towards becoming one of the most popular destinations for tourists and nomads in Southeast Asia. This is also because of the low-cost services and affordable living in the country, which is preferred by digital nomads, entrepreneurs, tourists all around the world. Following are some items and services that are cheaper in Vietnam as compared to other countries.


1.     Internet Facility:

High speed internet facility is found all across the big cities in Vietnam e.g. Ho Chi Minh City, and is free in restaurants and cafes. Smaller towns are also equipped with the internet facility, but the speed may vary from the big cities.


2.    Affordable Food Costs

Vietnamese cuisine is regarded to be one of the healthiest cuisines in the world with meat, vegetables, fruits etc. The food in Vietnam is very cheap and affordable as well. In just $2 you can have a full meal! And for the coffee, you can get a single cup for $0.25.


3.    Electronic Items

Electronics which do not imply for luxury are a lot cheaper in Vietnam than in other countries. Items like laptops, phones are available at the same rate, however simple things like curling iron, television, microwave oven; all are a lot cheaper than you are used to.


4.    Alcohol

Where else can you find affordable and cheaper alcohol than Vietnam?  For only $0.50, you can get a glass of beer from the local bars.


5.     Jewellery

The jewellery prices in Vietnam are at very low costs. You can purchase pure gold, silver, diamonds and precious gems at a very reasonable rate in Vietnam more than any other country in the world.

6.    Health Facilities and Cosmetic Surgery

Vietnam is probably one of the best place to get your health treatments and dental care done at low costs. This is especially useful for dental health; Vietnam Dental Lab offers affordable rates for your to maintain your teeth. Not only this, cosmetic surgery, which is really expensive can also be done from Vietnam at cheaper rates.



7.     Spa Services

Vietnam provides you some of the best spa services and massages that are professional yet cheap in cost. You can get a half an hour massage just for $20 and get a manicure and pedicure for $5 each! Isn’t that exciting?


8.    Brand Shopping

The Vietnamese markets are famous for selling rejected piles of brands, the clothes that have slight imperfections. This makes it very cheap for you to buy authentic Zara and H&M clothes.

9.    Domestic Flights

In case you are not a fan of buses, there is good news for you. Vietnamese flights are very cheap (local and international both). You can get a last-minute local flight for just $40.

10. Affordable Accommodation

The best thing about Vietnam is that you have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to living. You can choose from budget hostel rooms to luxury hotels. All options are available at reasonable costs.


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