10 Reasons For Selecting A Teardrop Flag For Your Next Campaign

teardrop flag

Are you busy selling your selling your products, looking after your customers and running your business? What happens if you are so busy that your business isn’t getting noticed by new customers? It can be easy to spend all your time working in your business and none promoting it which means new customers can’t find you when they come looking for your product or service and that’s why marketing your business is the most important thing you can do. Ever since different companies have realized the importance of marketing, many different strategies of marketing came into being and they are being working very well in terms of increasing the reputation and sales of a particular company. You can choose whatever type of advertisement for your marketing campaign as per your requirements and needs. However we are going to focus of a particular type of marketing campaign which uses teardrop flags to advertise the message of a company as a strategy of their marketing campaign. Here are some of the reasons which will make teardrop flags a must have for your next advertising campaign.

1. Advertisement All Day Long

The only thing better than great advertisement is 24/7 advertisement and teardrop flags will just do the job. They remain at the place you placed them every single second of the day until you remove them deliberately and hence it targets the audience on a whole new level. All you need to do is that you select a perfect spot and let your teardrop flag do the magic.

2. Definitely A Cheaper Medium

Compare it with other advertisement methods and you will find out yourself that it is way much cheaper than the other advertisement strategies. It is even cheaper than advertisement banners. It indeed is a smart choice if you are already tight on advertisement budget and want to get big benefits with small amount of money. Teardrop flag is definitely your best pick.

3. Don’t Worry About Space

Space is always a problem when it comes to banner advertisements especially in the cities like New York where there is very less room for your banner because already a great deal companies are displaying their banners. Teardrop flag is the perfect solution for this problem as it requires very less space and hence you can deliver a message or affirmation as big as you want in a very limited space and trust us when we say that space is something you really need to consider whenever you are designing a marketing or advertisement strategy.

4. On the Go Assembly

Other banners require certain kind of skills to display them but the good news is that you don’t need anything specific for teardrop flags. It comes with a flagpole kit which is very easy to assemble that even a 3rd grader can do it without any difficulty.

5. Light Weight and Portable

As we have already mentioned that these flags come with flagpole kit which is very light weight and some of the teardrop flags also comes with a hand carry bag. You can take them with you anywhere you want like a park, plaza or beech and you can do this all by yourself without requiring any assistance.

6. What Weather Conditions?

One of the major drawbacks of banners and other such advertising methods is that they can’t withstand weather conditions. The color of the banner will start to fade out or the banner will simply not remain in shape or will be torn due to the harsh weather conditions but you don’t need to worry as this is not the case with teardrop flags. They are highly resistant to different kind of weather conditions. You can just chill in your lounge without worrying about your teardrop banners out there.

7. One Time Investment

Every year different companies tons of money on advertisement campaigns and most of it goes to the same banner which they got printed last year because they are not useable now. Teardrop banners are truly one time investment of your marketing strategy until or unless you don’t want to deliver the message which was written on to them. If that’s not the case then you can use them for as long as you want to without spending a single extra penny.

8. Talk About Versatility

You can add up as much versatility as you want in teardrop flags according to your budget. If your pocket permits, you can display your teardrop flags in a form of row or you can design your row pattern in different colors to make it look more appealing. Teardrop flags will be as versatile as you want them to be. It all depends on your budget but they do have a potential to add up the creativity and versatility which is the back bone of any marketing campaign.

9. Customize Designing And Printing

There is absolutely nothing which will hold you back from creating the design you like the most. All you need to do is that let your imagination flow and the teardrop flag will handle the rest. There is great variety of designs in printing which you can opt for your campaign according to your taste and requirement.

10. Transport it Easily

Transportation of your advertisement can cost a lot and sometimes even after spending whole lot of money you can end up as a disaster as most of the advertisement banner and other mediums require a lot of care. Teardrop flags are very easy to carry from one place to another because of their size and compatibility. They are so easy to carry that you can actually carry them on your bike.


Teardrop flags have so many benefits which make them your ultimate best choice for your upcoming marketing campaign. Next time when you are designing your marketing strategy and you are tight on your budget but on the other hand you really want you message to be delivered to your consumer, you should know what to do then.



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